What Is The Flying Library All About?

What is HMS?

HMS is a fantasy LARP (live action role play) system which is run by Seaxe and Sorcery.

What does The Flying Library offer me?

The Flying Library has lots of information regarding many different subjects involved in HMS.

Can I ask for information from The Flying Library if I am unable to find what I am looking for in the libraries archive?

Yes, please send us a request using our contact form.

Do I have to pay to use The Flying Library?

No, you do not have to pay to use The Flying Library. However, if you ask for information from the library that you have not been able to find the answer to within  the Archive, the Library will ask for either a piece of information or IC money in return.

How do I access the Restricted Section?

You may apply to become a member of The Flying Library. The Scribes will complete a background check upon your character and if your check is accepted, you will then be granted access.

Further Information On Seaxe And Sorcery

If you desire further information regarding Seaxe and Sorcery and the LARP events they run, please find below a copy of their Hand Book of which you can Download and a Link to their website.

The Flying Library

Upcoming Events

  • Fri, 03 Jul
    Cherrywood Campsite
    03 Jul 2020, 16:00 – 05 Jul 2020, 15:00
    Cherrywood Campsite, 701 Arterial Rd, Purfleet RM19 1TR, UK
  • Fri, 05 Jun
    Discord The Seaxe and Sorcery Server
    05 Jun 2020, 16:00 – 07 Jun 2020, 21:00
    Discord The Seaxe and Sorcery Server
  • Sun, 08 Dec
    Leicester Road
    08 Dec 2019, 16:00 – 22:00
    Leicester Road, Leicester Rd, Tilbury RM18, UK
    Greetings and well met my fellow adventurers. There will be an open Council Meeting first followed by the Banquet, Competitions and a Raffle. Cost to attend is looking to be about £5 for adults and free for children under 18. Please bring food for the buffet and a bottle of drink.